International “Central Asia” Symposium

"Migration, Poverty and Identity”

17-20 April 2018-BiSHEK


In almost all periods of world history immigration waves of different forms in a short time have influenced many geographies and changed the structure of the societies. For this reason, migration is considered to be one of the causes of major turning points in history. Until now, migration, with it's positive or negative consequences, is standing at the forefront of issues that worry the states and encourage them to seek solutions, even in the modern world where people's movements are very limited. Nowdays, the issues like poverty, natural disasters, civil wars, regional conflict, etc., which occurs in the various regions of the world are among the reasons that force people to migrate. While the harmonization process of some Central Asian countries that have gained their independence in the international arena with the collapse of the bipolar system has a different significance, the migration waves experienced in these countries brought new problems. In a short period of time, the migration movements of the Central Asian countries among themselves or to different regions have begun to take place. Besides the reasons for migration, the identity problems in countries are also at the beginning of the issues to be solved.

Producing solutions to these kind of problems does not seem possible in the current system established by the modern world. Unfortunately, today, the efforts of developed countries in prevention of crossing borders or their effective control are not tend to reduce conflicts, poverty or similar problems in the regions where migration level is high. İn this situation, instead of being solved the problems began to take different forms. In this purpose, International “Central Asia” Symposium: Poverty, Migration and Identity” is going to gather experts and academicians in this sphere to discuss and rethink current problems. Finally, the main goal of the symposium is to share and publish data obtained in the symposium, as well as to develop proposals and solutions for the future.

Best regards,

Assoc. Prof. Metin AKSOY

The head of the department of International Relations, Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University,

Chairman of the Organizing Committee.




Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University
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